Announcing the Nexar Associate Product Manager (APM) and Associate Product Designer (APD) Programs

Nexar’s Office

About Nexar

Nexar is building the equivalent of air traffic control for the age of autonomous transport: the system that allows massive numbers of vehicles to operate safely in close proximity. We use AI, machine vision, sensor fusion, real-time networking and quite a bunch of other clever technologies to create a new, delightful, and really safe, driving experience, powered by your smartphone, with the potential of saving the 1,300,000 people who die on the road every year.

If you worked here you or your dog might be in this picture too


What is the structure of the program and how long is it?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to get experience scaling companies
  • Experienced Engineers who are looking to transition into product
  • New PMs with one or two years of experience
  • Designers, Growth Hackers, MBAs and others with deep empathy, passionate about product and data analysis, humility, and a growth mindset
  • Working with world class technologists on cutting edge life saving solutions
  • Making AI and deep learning human-friendly and useful for everyone
  • Working on multidisciplinary teams, leading on real user research in an agile environment
  • Customer Development & User research
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • UX for IoT
  • Product Prioritization
  • Managing Execution for High Velocity
  • The Product / Engineering partnership
  • Product Marketing & GTM



Founder of Nexar - Making Driving Sane

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