In the next 3–5 years, all new cars will contain cameras. Several cameras per car, actually. Will car cameras remain confined to driving assist functions, or will they evolve into a new way of seeing and sensing the roads and the world around them?

The question of what can be done with car camera output is crucial. Vision data can offer a strategic and competitive advantage, from enabling novel (and revenue generating) driver apps to forming a strategic vision data asset that can transform cities, mapping, delivery, public transit and more.

Vision is different

Today, virtually every sensor and component in the car…

My co-founder Bruno and I started Nexar on a mission to eliminate road collisions worldwide by using vision-based technology to alert drivers to dangers ahead in real time. When people pair a Nexar-powered smart dash cam with the Nexar app, they join our connected network, where every vehicle is learning in real time about what’s happening thanks to the other vehicles around it. Hard brakes, collisions, oncoming traffic — it’s a virtuous circle of information sharing.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to going to Los Angeles for CoMotion LA, an annual event and expo in downtown LA that explores the future of mobility and brings together the public and private sectors.

And as I’m getting ready to fly out, I wanted to share with you the latest episode of the CoMotion Podcast. On this episode, I joined CoMotion LA’s Director of Strategy Greg Lindsay, and Nevada RTC Director of Engineering John Penuelas.

When you pair a Nexar-powered dash camera with our app, you join the Nexar network, where every vehicle is learning about what’s happening on the…

Nexar was founded on a mission to create a safe-driving network that lets you see everything coming on the road ahead. When you pair a Nexar-powered dash camera with our app, you join this network, which uses artificial intelligence to spot upcoming hazards and alert those in the surrounding area.

This year, we’ve rapidly grown and evolved. We’ve expanded our community of active users by 4x. Drivers using Nexar have recorded 500 million miles behind the wheel since 2015, with 12 million more added every week.

Big news to share from the Nexar team. Today, we’re announcing Nexar LiveMap — a free, interactive digital map available online that allows everyone to see the world in real time.

Nexar LiveMap has the most current frames and information of any mapping tool available today. The images and data are sourced from the Nexar network, where drivers have covered more than 500 million miles. This allows us all to explore every corner of the world as it exists now, including filtering for road blockages, traffic lights and more from Nexar’s automatic detection of images using artificial intelligence. …

We at Nexar have been watching closely the talk of a massive infrastructure reform package coming out of Washington DC. To say it doesn’t look like we’re getting that deal anytime soon would be…an understatement.

There’s no doubt that America’s roads, bridges, airports, telecom networks, and more are in desperate need of repair. And the numbers that are being thrown around — in the hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars — reflect the typical government response to this kind of a challenge.

But here’s the thing: city and state officials don’t need to wait for the federal government to…

Hi from Las Vegas! Last week we announced that Vegas is the site of Nexar’s first smart cities data partnership. Today, I’m very excited to be here for a showcase of what Nexar can do to make this city instantly smarter about its roadways.

Thanks to a local construction boom, Las Vegas has thousands of new construction sites popping up year after year. Nexar CityStream™, our smart cities data platform, is automatically identifying where and when these construction zones are causing the most traffic. …

I have some exciting news to share from the Nexar team. Today, we’re announcing the first pilot for Nexar CityStream®, our smart cities data platform.

When a driver pairs a Nexar-powered smart dash cam with the Nexar app, they join Nexar’s network, where every vehicle is learning about what’s happening on the road ahead with the help of vehicles around it. Collisions, traffic, closed lanes, dangerous road conditions — it’s a virtuous cycle of information sharing.

Nexar CityStream takes anonymous, aggregated data from that network and shares it with cities, transit authorities, and mobility and mapping companies. …

We’re very excited to launch a new program to train the next generation of world class Product Managers and Product Designers in Israel. As an APM or APD at Nexar you’ll be put through a rigorous rotational training program intended to teach strategy, empathy, data analysis and execution all while having tremendous impact and ownership over Nexar’s core products.

This is a 12 month program with 4 month rotations across the Growth, Driver Experience and Data teams. The program will include lectures from industry leaders, very hands on training from leaders within the company and a world trip to key…

The roads around us are constantly changing. In the past, our ability to see everything on the road in real time was limited. At Nexar, we have decided to change that. We are excited to announce the pre-launch our first API, Lights, as part of a new data platform. Lights API is our Traffic Lights Prediction API that will provide real time predictive and timing information about the color of every traffic light in a given city.

Here’s a demo of of the API

Lights is an essential first step in creating a new kind of map: an ever-evolving stream…

Eran Shir

Founder of Nexar - Making Driving Sane

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